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Advertising, as a business and culture, has changed drastically, especially over the last decade. New avenues to create different kinds of signage are being explored. This, along with a shift away from print, has altered the way companies spend their ad revenue. The digital age puts innovative technology at the forefront and creates new ad space through a digital signage computer, for example.

Planar, a well-established tech company in the US, provides great solutions for the digital signage industry, not only by making high quality products, but by keeping on top of the newest technological breakthroughs in displays.

We are enjoying a welcome move toward a new panel standard, further shrinking of device footprints, and the unveiling of a new display resolution far beyond what was commonly viewed as “high definition.”

A Brave New Age of Digital Signage Computers
We live in a time when a piece of advertising can become interactive. We’ve seen this strategy on the Internet with click through ads, but the new venture seems to be full-sized digital signage advertisements that implement gesture based technology. Touch screen monitors provide for high quality video bolstered by multi-touch capabilities. Planar has a specific line of products for this use case that puts a large scale monitor in the public realm with their hallmark Electronic Rugged Optimization, or ERO, to ensure that the product will last.

Why Consider Planar Products?
Planar’s product selection is state-of-the-art and offers characteristics that set them apart, such as:4

· Displays and sunlight viewing. Don’t let sunlight create the viewing problems common to most electronic displays. Planar’s developments in the areas of sunlight readbility and backlight technologies leave the frustrations of glare behind.

· Open frames for embedded applications. Understandably, a lot of industrial customers want to embed displays into their system devices or enclosures, using Planar display technology. Some of Planar’s lines of open frame LCD displays are perfect for just those kinds of applications, as well as for kiosk displays.

· Desktop and touch monitors. Along with open frame and custom displays, Planar offers a good range of desktop monitoring products at affordable price points that are used in a variety of office and industrial environments.

Brian Luckman is the President of New Era Electronics. He has worked in the industrial OEM market for over 25 years, serving a variety of different industries, gaining a strong reputation for his expertise and a thorough understanding of how to properly service OEM customers. In 2000 he began New Era Electronics and the company continues to grow. He’s a husband and father and enjoys exploring the outdoors.