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Digital Podium


The multi-functional metallic podium has all-in-one audio-visual solution to make your conference room/classroom/auditorium smart and interactive. Metallic podium has number of input/output ports such as USBs, HDMI In/Out, VGA In/Out, Audio In/Out, Ethernet etc. The multi-functional metallic podium has all-in-one audio-visual solution to make your conference room/classroom/auditorium smart and interactive. Metallic podium has number of input/output ports such as USBs, HDMI In/Out, VGA In/Out, Audio In/Out, Ethernet etc. Smart podium has the flexibility to integrate any existing equipment effortlessly. Electronic podium facilitates to use any multimedia device easily, to operate our digital podium, no specific technical knowledge is required. We design and manufacture a wide range of smart and digital podiums for your convenience. Interactive podium integrates touch panel, computer system, document camera, complete audio system such as speakers, amplifier, wireless mics and digital controller to control all the devices integrated in your conference room such as ACs, electric curtains, lights etc. Excellent compatibility with all existing software, hardware and AV equipment, Digital podium is commonly used and adjusted for various educational purpose.

Digital Podium as the name suggests digital means “technology” and the podium means a lecture stand; the amalgamation of both can transform the learning into mind-boggling yet interesting session.

Digital Podium is manufactured using high quality of metallic sheets and is ready to deploy in conference room, classroom and auditorium. We design the digital podiums in a way that fulfills the complete requirement of today’s modern classroom. Digital Podium integrates computer system, touch panel monitor, goose-neck document camera, amplifier, speakers, goose-neck and handheld microphones, projectors connectivity and other required equipment with existing hardware connectivity. Digital or smart podium has all the required ports such as USB, XLR, VGA, HDMI, LAN, Audio in/out etc. WiFi and security enabled digital podium is widely used to deliver

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    Audio Podium

    Audio Podium is a Digital Audio Workstation software program that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. An object based project structure allows for advanced media and device management.. Digital Audio podium manages live events and presentation. It comprises of touch monitor, PC, touch controller, audio system, RFID, RMS system and other devices equipped with it. Smart wooden podium is manufactured using premium quality of rubber wood. It integrates all the equipments required for smart classroom and conference room.

    We are the manufacturer of smart podium for smart classroom and conference room. We supply digital podiums in all over the India. Smart podium integrates the computer system, touch screen panel, amplifier, speakers, goose-neck and hand-held microphones. It has all the input-output ports such as USB, HDMI, LAN, Audio and other desired ports. Smart podium is used to deliver interactive lecture or presentation electronically. Smart podium is manufactured using premium quality of metallic sheets. It also can be customized according to customers’ specifications.

    Some of the features are listed below,

    Ergonomically Designed user interface
    Lift Controller for Various Customers
    Easy moving with special Steel-matrial wheel
    Monitor angle adjustment fuction
    The effective lesson through wire / wireless micropjones
    High-quality Coose-neck micriphones(Low howling noise)
    Control all multimedia device in Classroom by the convenient intergration controller
    Use in university, International school or meeting room