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Many businesses in the entertainment industry have been struggling to increase their sales numbers, bring in new customers, and bring back returning ones. This challenge has caused many companies to shut their doors temporarily or sometimes even permanently. Those who stay open face new hardships every day.

Many businesses in the entertainment industry are turning to interactive self-service kiosks to help minimize these problems and find new solutions on how to improve their business as a whole.

There are many different ways that self-service kiosks can improve sales and the overall experience guests, and employees face. This list details how kiosks for entertainment can enhance your overall business and create new and lasting value for your customers and clients.

Increased Sales with Ticketing

One of the main ways that kiosks for entertainment can improve sales is through the ability to dispense tickets to customers without the involvement of staff. Customers can purchase tickets extending past regular hours without employee assistance.

One of the most popular kiosks that businesses get to support this functionality is the ticketing kiosk. These kiosks make it easy for customers to select, purchase, and print tickets/receipts for all types of entertainment. Because of the increased availability and decreased staff involvement, tickets are purchased much quicker. Kiosks for entertainment can also provide more information regarding the attraction or event and upcoming and future events so that customers stay informed about what’s going on and when to come back.

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Reduce Visitor Wait Times

Another helpful way that kiosks for entertainment can improve sales and the guests’ experience is by significantly reducing visitor wait times.

Long lines and wait times are an industry-wide problem that many entertainment businesses struggle with, especially popular forms of entertainment like music festivals, concerts, and live sports. Customers have no choice but to wait for tens of minutes or even hours because there is only so much available staff to sell tickets and process customers. Frequently, this creates a negative brand image in the minds of the consumers and might be why they don’t return in the future.

One solution that many entertainment businesses turn toward is the ticketing kiosk. The ticketing kiosk enables customers to move through lines quickly to enjoy their event sooner. Additionally, this experience helps customers feel comfortable making other purchases at events, like concessions or gift shop purchases.

Increase Engagement

Interactive kiosks serve as an exciting way for entertainment venues to engage with their customers. Large, attractive monitors provide ample opportunities to display information about special promotions and events or provide wayfinding solutions to help visitors move from place to place. These kiosks will draw more customers and allow them to access important information that wasn’t previously available.

One of the many popular kiosks for entertainment specializing in attracting customers and keeping them engaged is the monolith kiosk. This kiosk can be made for indoor and outdoor situations and features a huge touch screen display that provides information and drives brand awareness. The Monolith Kiosk displays products, videos, and promotional material that will significantly improve the guest experience for customers and have them excited to come back for more.

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Allow Staff to Focus on Adding Value.

By reducing staffing demands, kiosks for entertainment can allow your staff to focus on customer-centric activities. In contrast, the kiosk can handle more mundane daily tasks like ticketing and displaying information better to allocate your staff to more demanding or complex tasks. Doing this can reduce staffing costs and allow the team to work on other things that increase value and create a better overall customer experience.